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The project will eliminate approximately 55,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) every year (that’s 1,100,000 over the project lifespan).
The annul amount of GHG reduced is equivalent to taking 11,800 cars off the roads annually and reducing gasoline consumption by over 22,700,000 liters
The project will help avoid the use of 22,000 tons of chemical fertilizers annually (that’s an avoidance of 26,400,000 GJ of fossil fuels)
The project will generate 3.5M GJ of Renewable Natural Gas, which is equivalent to providing over 37,000 homes with clean energy.
We'll divert 70,000 tons of organic food waste every year from the greater Vancouver waste stream, which would otherwise end up in non-sustainable disposal sites like landfills or incinerators.


We appreciate your concern regarding the choice of location for the Semiahmoo RNG facility. It's crucial to understand that the decision was made based on careful considerations aligning with the Semiahmoo First Nation's goals, values, and commitment to responsible stewardship. We appreciate the active engagement of the public during the question and answer session. The overwhelming response resulted in a high volume of inquiries, and while we endeavored to address as many questions as possible, regrettably, we were unable to respond to all of them.

Economic Self-Sufficiency and Prosperity:

The Semiahmoo First Nation's decision to build the RNG facility on their sovereign lands is rooted in a commitment to achieving economic self-sufficiency and prosperity. By leveraging their land for sustainable development, the nation aims to create opportunities for income generation, job creation, and community growth. This project aligns with the broader vision of ensuring long-term economic well-being for the Semiahmoo First Nation.

Financial Viability:

The location was chosen also for its financial viability. The Semiahmoo First Nation, in collaboration with Andion, assessed various options and determined that this specific location offered the most economically sustainable path forward. The project is designed to contribute positively to the local economy by creating jobs, providing energy security, generating income and ultimately, becoming the cornerstone for economic growth.

Stewardship of the Land:

As stewards of the land, the Semiahmoo First Nation takes seriously their responsibility to ensure that any development on their sovereign lands is in harmony with the natural environment. The choice of location reflects a deep respect for the land, and the nation is committed to implementing measures that minimize environmental impact.

Environmental Impact Assessments:

The decision-making process involved rigorous environmental impact assessments, and this will continue to be an ongoing practice. The Semiahmoo First Nation is committed to responsible and sustainable development that considers the ecological well-being of the area. The location was chosen after careful examination to ensure that the facility's operations would not compromise the surrounding ecosystem. An assessment is currently ongoing led by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and other government bodies. This report will be provided to the public later.

Methane Emissions

This facility will be capturing 30,000 tonnes of GHG through the anaerobic digestion process. Due to technological limitations, there will be losses of methane as stated on the EPN notice.

Waste Truck Odour Concerns:

Concerns have been raised regarding potential odour issues from waste trucks waiting in line. We acknowledge these concerns and assure you that, once on-site, waste will be promptly processed, no waste will be outside the enclosed facility.

Plastic Processing and Health Concerns:

Regarding plastic processing, the plant will not consume plastics. Instead, plastics present in green bin food waste will be separated and sent to a landfill equipped to handle such materials. This ensures that emissions associated with plastics are appropriately managed, aligning with health and safety considerations.

Air Quality Guidelines and Reporting:

We understand the importance of air quality, and Semiahmoo RNG has chosen to operate under the air quality guidelines set by Metro Vancouver. Any issues or deviations will be promptly addressed, and relevant information will be made available to the public through the Metro Vancouver website.

Community Input and Project Alternatives:

We appreciate your concern about community input and alternative projects. Semiahmoo First Nation carefully considered various options and ultimately chose the RNG facility to generate economic interest. While we appreciate your suggestions for other projects, the current focus is on the RNG facility, and no backup locations are being considered.

RNG Storage, Hours of Operation, and Staffing:

RNG will be injected directly into the existing FortisBC grid, eliminating the need for onsite storage. The facility will operate within designated hours, with controls and monitoring 24/7, based on the experience of similar facilities in Europe, ensures safety with confidence.

Emergency Protocols:

In the unfortunate event of a fire or explosion, Andion is committed to following rigorous emergency protocols to minimize any potential impact on the community. These protocols are in line with industry standards and will be implemented to prioritize the safety of residents and the environment.

Public Consultation Process:

We acknowledge your concern about the lack of early public consultation. The project began in 2018 with extensive discussions with Semiahmoo First Nation, obtaining their approval before moving forward. Public discourse was initiated through the official channels of oversight bodies, including Indigenous Services Canada and Metro Vancouver, ensuring that the community has the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.

Partnership with Semiahmoo First Nation:

This project is not aligned with "Big Industry." Andion is a privately held company, and Semiahmoo First Nation has partnered with us to co-own the facility. This collaboration aims to create local jobs, support local vendors, and generate products that will benefit the community.

Community Benefits:

The Semiahmoo RNG facility offers numerous benefits to the greater community:
  • Diverting 70,000 tons of organic food waste annually from landfills.
  • Eliminating approximately 30,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year.
  • Generating 3.5M GJ of Renewable Natural Gas, providing clean energy for over 37,000 homes.
  • Helping avoid the use of 22,000 tons of chemical fertilizers annually.

Safety Measures and Oversight:

To address concerns about air quality, health, and potential environmental impact, Semiahmoo First Nation and Andion are working closely with Metro Vancouver, Fraser Health, ECCC, ISC, and Health Canada. This collaborative approach ensures a high degree of oversight to mitigate any risks to the public.

Location Choice:

The chosen location is based on the availability of land under the sovereignty of Semiahmoo First Nation, aiming to generate economic interest for the nation. The decision was made after careful consideration and assessment of available options.

Community Involvement:

We understand your desire for in-person meetings, and we commit to scheduling them as needed. We are here to engage with the community and address concerns openly.

Open Comment Period:

Through Indigenous Services Canada and Metro Vancouver, there has been a 90-day open comment period for the public to submit concerns. Your feedback is crucial, and all comments are taken into consideration by these oversight bodies during their assessment of the project.

Environmental Consultations:

Andion has consulted with prominent environmental agencies, including Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Indigenous Services Canada, Health Canada, Metro Vancouver, and Fraser Health.

Traffic and Air Quality Impact:

The anticipated low volume of truck traffic relative to the overall vehicles, coupled with negligible air pollutants, is not expected to have a significant impact on traffic flow or air pollution in the community.

Next Steps:

We appreciate your continued engagement and understanding of the complexities surrounding the RNG facility. Your questions contribute to an ongoing dialogue, and we remain committed to addressing concerns and fostering open communication.


We appreciate your engagement, and we are committed to addressing your concerns. We believe that, with proper oversight, collaboration, and adherence to safety protocols, the Semiahmoo RNG facility can coexist with the community while providing substantial environmental benefits. Thank you for your understanding, and we remain open to further discussions.  


Why was this discussion held in secret for so many years without public consultation of the residents that will clearly going to be affected?

A: The project began in 2018 with extensive discussions with Semiahmoo First Nation. Following approval by the Nation, then extensive and rigourous regulatory and environmental and health assessments were engaged through their various lines of protocol. At those early stages, before we had any conclusive work done, it was too early to engage the public. We opened up public discourse through the official and legislated public engagement protocols of the oversight bodies including Indigenous Services Canada and Metro Vancouver.

Why are you doing a deal with "Big Industry" and considering this refinery in the face of so many other better options?

A: There’s not much big industry involved in this project. Andion is a privately held company with headquarters in Vancouver. Semiahmoo First Nation has partnered with Andion to co-own this project, creating local jobs, employing local vendors and creating products that will be used locally.

I’m wondering on the voting process from the Semiahmoo people? How did you communicate it? How many members do you have, and how many voted?
I may have to leave for supper as I have guests over, so I apologize in advance. My question is, how will SFN and Andion address the fact that the plant site is within the Georgia Basin - Puget Sound Airshed, which is a massive airshed, and the fact that it would put at risk the health of everyone in the airshed? What sorts of mitigation measures will be used to tackle that problem? And have other development options other than a biofuel facility been considered?
How can you promise us the people of this community that your plant will not negatively impact our health and environment? Please provide evidence for each toxin listed in the Tetra Tech report that the levels at which these toxins will be generated are completely safe to all life within the ecosystem.

A: To ensure that there is no health risk, Semiahmoo First Nation and Andion have elected to work with Metro Vancouver on an air permitting process, as well as Fraser Health, ECCC, ISC and Health Canada. This high degree of oversight ensures that there is no risk to the population.

Are you able to lay out the benefits you believe will come to the greater community? Are those benefits you cite, greater than the risk to the health of the greater community?

• A: We’ll divert 70,000 tons of organic food waste every year from the greater Vancouver waste stream, which would otherwise end up in non-sustainable disposal sites like landfills or incinerators. • The project will help avoid the use of 22,000 tons of chemical fertilizers annually (that’s an avoidance of 26,400,000 GJ of fossil fuels). • Air management systems ensure odour does not leak from the buildings and all air is processed through an extensive two stage system of wet scrubbing followed by biofiltration. Further, Andion has designed standard operating procedures for the various stages of organic digestion and composting that all operators are to follow to ensure proper odour control. Similar facilities designed and built by Andion have been in operation in Europe for over a decade co-existing with residential and commercial neighbors without any odour complaints. Learn more at andionglobal.com • The noise modelling performed shows that the facility produces little to no noise, and when compared with the highway, it finds that the highway essentially drowns out the facility. • The land will be provided by the Nation • The project will create multiple jobs during construction and during full time operation • We are decreasing reliance on big industry and localizing RNG, thereby creating a Circular Economy. • Unlike other renewable energy sources, Renewable Natural Gas is Carbon Negative and is a base-load energy source.

In a study by Lee et al. (Lee E.K., Romeiko X.X., Zhang W., Feingold B.J., Khwaja H.A., Zhang X., Lin S. Residential Proximity to Biorefinery Sources of Air Pollution and Respiratory Diseases in New York State. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2021;55:10035–10045. doi: 10.1021/acs.est.1c00698), it was revealed that living in proximity of biorefineries was associated with an increased risk of suffering from respiratory diseases and other health symptoms. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34232029/ Even more concerning is that this study showed that there was a negative health impact particularly in the area of respiration for communities within 10 km of the sites. QUESTION: While this study acknowledges that more research of these facilities is needed, what scientific data are you relying on to prove that there will be NO NEGATIVE HEALTH OUTCOMES for those living within 10 km of the facility?

A: To ensure that there is no health risk, Semiahmoo First Nation and Andion have elected to work with Metro Vancouver on an air permitting process, as well as Fraser Health, ECCC, ISC and Health Canada. This high degree of oversight ensures that there is no risk to the population. Summary of technical article 1. Lee et al. provide an extensive study by correlating 15 biorefineries in the NY state with Air modelling studies on each refinery. They found statistically significant increases to respiratory health via the metric of hospital vists. Section 4.2 highlights the correlatory results ranking NO2 > SO2 and PM2.5 plumes as the largest associations.

  • Biorefineries are not biogas facilities. This article cannot be used to make this comparison
  • The aermod criteria and emissions sources are unknown if conservative cases were used
  • The aermod results cannot be compared easily to the Andion facility as the timescales are diferrent
  • Section 4.6 highlights limitations where authors attempted to reduce confounders based on income race and sex

  Why have the significant Odour problems at the Italian facility which cover an area of 6.5km been ignored?

A: The facility in question is not an Andion owned or operated facility. There is currently an odour complaint launched against this facility.. The public body is currently determining the source of the odour emissions. It is currently unclear whether the odour source is from the Biogas facility, the open air landfill <10 km away, or another factor.

You mention not shipping our compost to other territories but Surrey already has a plant and it so South Surrey and Whiterock won't be sending their waste there. Isn't this Vancouver waste being brought into our area?

A: The Metro Vancouver region has an organics processing shortfall. This facility will help address the shortfall in the general region including Surrey and Whiterock.

The Semiahmoo Bay is located within a tsunami notification zone.
Aside from the idea of building a biofuel plant in an ecologically sensitive area near a growing city with schools and year round outdoor activities, is it safe to build it within a tsunami notification zone?

A: We have adhered to all guidelines and regulations ensuring safety and disaster preparedness.

SFN indicated that First Nation Health and Fraser Health have already authorized the biofuel facility. On what basis was this authorizion undertaken and what information did it include.

A: The two health authorities were notified by Metro Vancouver and asked for comment relating to health. They have provided Metro Vancouver with their comments. No health concerns were identified by either group.

You stated in an interview ““When we look at being self-sufficient, when we look at how do we ultimately, at the end of the day, be the skippers of our own canoes here and not reliant on federal grants and federal funding, we have to be creative.” Does this mean you will not be accepting ANY funding from the Federal Government for this project?

A: This means that the nation is looking to create their own sources of income and long term economic well being by investing in projects that align with their core values, such as the RNG facility, RATHER than relying on the government for income. As ANY developer would do, the nation has accessed grants and loans available to them from the government in order to invest, and develop this infrastructure.

The zoom is a great start, but is not inclusive. When will an in-person meeting be scheduled?
Why did you choose a location so close to a neighbood full of families, schools, retirement homes, etc. I don’t think anyoen on here is against the idea of the biofuel facility..it is the LOCATION we are concerned about. can you comment on why you think this is the best location for this facility?

A: The location was based on the availability of land under the sovereignty of the Semiahmoo First Nation and their desire to generate economic interest for their nation.

Will the a copy of the recording be available to attendees?
We all agree this type of project in important... its the location that is not suitable.. have you explored the possibility of a land swamp with the City of Surrey into an industrial zoned area. This type of land swamp was done with the Beecher Bay Nations successfully on Vancouver Island.

A: This was not explored as the land availble to the SFN was deemed suitable for this development.

Can you send your slide deck to the community or make it available somewhere
In consideration of the potential negative impact on quality of life, sensitive ecosystems. What scientific reports, research, environmental leaders were referenced and contacted for consultation?

A: Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Indigenous Services Canada, Health Canada, Metro Vancouver, Fraser Health.

Where are the independent reports into any of these so-called facts being used to justify building this plant?
The information is based on three years worth of data collection as well as data from existing, comparable operations.
Has Andion Actually built a Bio Fuel plant before? I find it very difficult to find any information on anything orhter than Italy Spa and a extention on Sweden but no other info is available for New haven or Toronto. Please provide this info.

A: See the information packet on the IAAC impact assessment website

Tera Tech has done modelling showing my house will exceed 1 odour Unit 50-60% of the time, and over 3 Odour Units 1-48 times per year . How much is an odour unit? At what level is a smell detectable?

A: An odour unit is a measurement used to determine how detectable a smell is (but not whether a smell is good or bad). One odour unit is defined as 50% of people, in a lab setting, would be able to detect a smell.

Honestly, do concerned residents have a say in this project at this point, as it feels this project is a forgone conclusion even though citizens, who are stakeholders in the community, have many unanswered concerns related to air and health assessments that were conducted through a paid vs. independent study, amongst other issues.
The citizens don’t feel as though we have a voice. The language of the chief and Andion representatives are using words that speak AT vs. TO us.

A: Through both Indigenous Services Canada and Metro Vancouver there has been a 90 day open comment period for the public to submit their comments and concerns which were taken into consideration by these oversight bodies in their assessment of the project.

While not required, Andion held the public informaiton session to continue to educate and hear out the public on their concerns.
We understand the Tetra Tech report is based on 3 years of off site monitoring. Given our unique ecosystem , will Andion conduct a one year on-site air quality dispersion model to assess the trust impact of the biofuel emissions on our health and environment?

A: Once the site is built, an air monitoring plan will be in place.

There is a sensitive eco system around the proposed area including the Campbell RIver. What enviromental agencies were consulted regarding water and soil contamination that may impact the Campbell River and surrounding waterways?

A: Natural Resources Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Indigenous Services Canada, Health Canada, Metro Vancouver, Fraser Health, all are involved in this project. The appropriate departments will oversee the areas under their jurisdiction.

Is this a worksafe issue for the border agents because they can’t close their windows?

A: Metro Vancouver’s deliberation will take the entire region into consideration for their health and safety assessment

What impact is the increased truck traffic going to have on the current transportation network . Has the increase in exhaust fumes been taken into condideration related to air pollution ?

A: There is no anticipated impact to traffic flow due to the low volume of trucks relative to the number of vehicles along the highway. Air pollutants from the the truck traffic make no meaningful impact to overall emissions.

Could you tell us how many people are on this call?

A: There were 335 unique participants during this meeting including the panelists.

Why is the emission report prepared for this plant so much more abridged, and missing the odour impact maps that the original italian plants report contain? And which obliged the regulations in place in Italy that mean it is currently being investigated? https://www-legnanonews-com.translate.goog/aree-geografiche/alto_milanese/2023/02/20/ancora-molestie-olfattive-a-rescaldina-impossibile-aprire-le-finestre/1059484/?_x_tr_sl=it&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp
How will this effect the air quality in White Rock? I moved here for the clean air specifically for the health of my medically fragile young daughter. I am incredibly worried.
Why this location? Why not somewhere else with less potential impact to a sensitive environment?
Why this location? Why not somewhere else with less potential impact to a sensitive environment?
Have you ever built a plant such as this in such an environmentally sensitive area next to a protected watershed, ocean, or under a migratory path that millions of bird fly over? If your answer is no how can you claim with 100% certainty the emissions from this plant will not harm wildlife?

A: See the information packet on the IAAC impact assessment website for a list of reference facilities. Andion is currently completing an Environmental Impact assessment that is under review. This information will be made public at a later date.

There was construction at the foot of 160th in Surrey (where the foot bridge is) - does the SFN intend to build a car bridge over that area and could trucks come into the residential area - ie the other end of Beach Rd
You mention 99% of methane will be reused, but the emissions report says that the emissions processing will only clean out 75% of emissions. Can you speak to this difference please?

A: These are 2 different stream that you are referring to. 99% of the methane that would be emitted from organic food waste would be capture. Odour from the building is transported through an HVAC system that enters various cleaning proceses before leaving the biofilter which has a 75% efficiency as stated in the report.

I have spoken with a company who trucks in the waste to current plants and they advised that the trucks filled with waste will stink and due to delays and wait times they will be sitting with the waste while they wait their turn to drop off. please explain this.
How will you process plastics in the plant given the fact that plastics produce emissions which have been linked to cancer in 1:4 people living in the area surrounding up to 5 miles.

A: Plastic will not be “consumed” by the Project. Green bin food waste often contains plastics and that needs to be sorted out. Plastics sorted out will be sent to a landfill capable taking the plastic.

How will you process plastics in the plant given the fact that plastics produce emissions which have been linked to cancer in 1:4 people living in the area surrounding up to 5 miles.
How many of these plants have you built in a residential community? And where?

A: See the information packet on the IAAC impact assessment website for a list of reference facilities.

The chemical air pollution will impair residents' nerve cells. Did you consider it?
Can you GUARANTEE that if these emissions exceed anything more than your models suggest OR if the odours are perceived by nearby residents as problematic to their health, that your facility will shut down? We want some guarantees that our health will not be impacted.
Trucks pass during the DAY to the truck crossing and the vast majority are on Hwy 15. They are NOT travelling during the middle of the night when it is quiet in our neighbourhood. Where is this waste being trucked from specifically and has the theoretical emmissions reduction being touted accounted for the emmssions from these trucks?
2.79 tonnes of NOx every year is not good. NOx has no safe exposure level.
Why does Andion claim 50+ succesful projects, can we please have a list so that we can conduct independent research into these "successes"

A: See the information packet on the IAAC impact assessment website for a list of reference facilities.

As this session is recorded, we demand that it should be available publicly!
As this session is recorded, we demand that it should be available publicly!
Why isn’t this project being built where there isn’t much impact to residential areas?
What measures are in place to minimize or mitigate air pollution emissions from the biofuels plant, particularly in terms of greenhouse gases, particulate matter, and other harmful air pollutants?

A: The air permit application is a culmination of multiple reviews and feedback to ensure that emissions and pollutants are minimized and mitigated.

Will the plant have sufficient Emergency Equipment & manpower on site 24/7 to be able to handle an explosion or other disaster independently without requiring additional Emergency Services to respond from Surrey or White Rock?
Where’s the sound impact report? What time do these trucks move?
There are legitimate concerns from community members with respiratory health issues, and the impact of this facility on those community members.
How does your facility address the increased particulate matter and decreased air quality , and its impact on the community members with these respiratory conditions?
How does it magicly stop on 8th ave?

A: The air dispersion charts are not a constant plume, they are combination of all the worst case scenarios that happened over the course of 3 simulated years.

What’s the traffic impact? There are long border lines often which use highway 99. What’s the impact on them?

A: There is no anticipated impact to the traffic flow.

Could you please explain your evidence for those air-quality guidelines? Because every expert I've spoken to says there is no safe level...

A: SFN RNG chose to be regulated by Metro Vancouver. As such the project aims to operate under those air quality guidelines.

Why the selected location for biofuel so close to residential property, sea, river, school, hospital. There will be emissions and pollution. How are you prepared for worst case scenarios?

A: The facility is built to meet BC’s building code and will have emergency protocols for worst case scenarios.

Have you ever built a plant to these exact specifications and if yes, where is it located? If no, how can you with 100% certainty claim that the air model is correct when it is not based on a working plant?
Would Chief Harley move back to SFN and live beside the bio-fuel plant?
Would Chief Harley move back to SFN and live beside the bio-fuel plant?
Would Chief Harley move back to SFN and live beside the bio-fuel plant?
Great idea but absolutely the wrong location. Why Semihmoo First Nations land when it is by resiential, schools, a family beach. Would you and your family want to live next door? Get creative and find a site that is appropriate.
How can you keep the doors closed when there are 25 trucks unloading PER DAY? How long does it take for a truck to unload??

A: A truck will take between 5-10 minutes to unload. Not all trucks will have odouous waste (e.g. commercial packaged oganics)

What’s your track record for JIT (just in time) waste arrival, processing, and departure expressed in %? Are we talking 99.99% or 99.9999% or much lower?
So there will be NO outdoor storage of waste product, awaiting processing?

A: There will be no storage of any waste (organic + packaging) outdoors.

Odour emissions should go to your living room.
Are the trucks themselves going to be fueled by biofuel? Because biofuel trucks are VERY loud…
Are the trucks themselves going to be fueled by biofuel? Because biofuel trucks are VERY loud…
How in this world, keeping the doors closed will help the odor problem! We need clean natural air, not artificially clean harmful air!
how many biofuel plants have you built in Canada?
HI Ashley, this is Martina from MP Findlay's office
What is max Km of waste that will be stored at any time?

A: Andion is determining that value as part of the Solid waste application. Roughly 1 tonne.

why have you chosen a resident area when you know it will affect so many residents. this is not the right area, plain and simple
is it a good location to build a biofuel facility?
At what NOx level can we smell the emissions whether safe or not. No one wants any offensive odours in the air period

A: The odour threshold of NOX is 02.-0.8 mg/m3 This is approximately 2x –8x higher than then maximum concentrations over a 1 hour period

Why did Andion have emissions modeling conducted by a company (terra tech) that has falsified reports in the past? what sort of due diligence process led to an clear over site like that? Has Andion preferred any sort of gap analysis on its due diligence process?
In relation to removing odors from the waste, you plan to use wood chips. Does that mean we will smell the wood chips all day?
What safety measures have been designed and will be implemented in the design of this new plant that will prevent a major explosion like the one in the UK that was hit by lightning last month? “Severn Trent Plc's Green Power Plant in Cassington was struck by lightning, causing a tank containing biogas to explode”
Will we be provided with a copy of the Question and Answers?
Who is your legal representative, so we can know who to deliver our lawsuit to?
How will it be affected by gloabl warming?
Which other locations of the 20 years, has Andion built a similar facility, as the primary company? If so, please provide locations of those facilities.

A: See the information packet on the IAAC impact assessment website for a list of reference facilities.

I seem to remember all the discussions and lies /promises of odour scrubbing measures when the sewage treatment plane went in on Annis Ilse... there are time you can't hold your breath long enough to cross the bridge from the stench! Same applies to the compost odours near Tssawassan ! My fear is the sam lies are being told here!
How can we be sure of emissions compliance when there are no government/regulatory air-monitoring stations within at least 10 km of the site?
How about when the train goes by? My residence is made of cement and it shakes.
Main question is why this plant is located in residentiona area? Simmilar plant in Surrey was located in industrial area near disposal transfer station.
This webseminar is being reported. You are stating “these are conservative values”, and using finite words such as “no emissions”, “no run off”. You understand that you and your team will be held to that in all future interactions?
The Canadian guidelines for constructing a facility such as this recommends that they built on a landfill site. Why would this project even be considered to be built in the middle of a residential area?
SOLUTIONS AND RESILIENCY IN THE CLIMATE CRISIS" on Page 37 is highly critical of exactly this type of project on Indigenous land - "In the spirit of greenwashing, many things may be
labeled renewable energy that are actually false solutions. Several of the
energy sources […] sometimes considered renewable energy but can exacerbate climate change and cause a great deal of harm to the environment and
communities including: Biomass, biofuels, incineration, landfill gas-to-energy,
hydrogen, “renewable natural gas” or factory farm methane digesters, nuclear
and corporate hydropower. Solar and wind can be genuinely renewable sources of energy. " Can Chief Harley Chappell please explain why this advice is being ignored in this case?
what about methane
What is the plan if we have an earth quake-I currently have earth quake insurance and its projected we are going to get the big one soon.
It has been noted that odours will mainly be emitted in the winter months when most have their windows closed. Have any of you been here in the winter? We are a 12 month community, windows are open 12 months of the year.
How can a site that is in a lowland/wetland area, part of a watershed and prone to flooding even be considered for a biogas facility? What steps are being taken to protect the Little Campbell River?
I represent a large seniors group, many with health issues. This is a good project but not here. We respect SFN but cannot support this build. Is ozone going to be used to kill smells? Very expensive!
Andion only plans to take care of this facility for 20 years. Who and how will the facility be taken care of? What is the long term plan in terms of taking over from Andion?
I had heard that trucks would be unloaded with the bay doors open. This couldn’t be the case could it?
Andion could purchase ANY piece of industrial land. The residents of South Surrey and White Rock clearly do not want this facility. By locating on First Nations land, you are circumventing due process that any other location would be required to go through. Why persist with a project that has so many dangers to people, wildlife, ecosystems on pristine undeveloped and protected waterfront areas? Thousands of people are telling you to locate elsewhere, will you listen?
Hey Kathy - Since you’re the sole person responsible for this, as you claim:
What direct or indirect compensation has or will the Semiahmoo First Nation, or its members, receive and when, as part of this project?
In the event of a 1 in 100 year flood event, what effect will the facility have on the surrounding environment?
What recourse or compensation mechanisms does Andion North America Ltd. and / or the Semiahmoo First Nation have in place for individuals or businesses that may experience adverse effects, including economic losses, pain and suffering, or reduced property values, due to the odour impacts associated with the proposed project?
Can Andion North America Ltd. provide details on the methods and technologies it intends to employ to ensure the facility operates within acceptable odour limits, and how will the company monitor and adjust these measures over time based on the actual performance of the facility? How will Adnion North America Ltd. be held accountable to the models presented?
Can we have a. opu of these questions ad the answers provided please.
Why was this location, close to parks, schools, beaches, and other public spaces, selected for this facility, when the city's own biofuel facility was built in an industrial zoned area, away from residential neighbourhoods?
At what rate do you anticipate the facility to grow its production / processing? At what rate does the facility need to grow to remain economically viable for Andion North America Ltd. and the Semiahmoo First Nation?
If this is a safe as you say. Then why not build it on downtown Vancouver at Stanley Park as most of the garbage is coming from Vancouver.
If this is a safe as you say. Then why not build it on downtown Vancouver at Stanley Park as most of the garbage is coming from Vancouver.
What qualifications , research does Metro Vancouver have in determining the long term health effects to determine air quality
Is this the best location for this project? How does this project fit into a residential area?
There is information on the internet stating that cities with biogas plants are reporting that their emergency rooms started to fill up with people suffering from respiratory illnesses after the biogas plants went into operation. How do you explain this if the emissions from these plants are supposedly not harmful?
How often are these facilties inspected to ensure they are following guidelines?
I'm wondering how the semiahmoo band came to this decision? Given the housing crisis in British Columbia does it not make more sense, economically, socially and environmentally for the band to move forward with residential development? Not only would it be safer for the surrounding residents and environment, the social equity that could be gained by addressing the housing crisis could only be considered as a historic and heroic decision?
I haven't heard anything so far tonight or the couple of weeks about the plan to deal with an adverse weather event, ie flooding, tidal surge. Or the plan to mitigate a disaster on the BNSF line. How does a facility like this handle these situations?
So if they exceed the limits of the permit, do you shut them down right away or just issue a small fine.
Why can't the facility use the railway to transport the waste from Vancouver instead of 25 trucks per day? There is a spur line at the end of Beach road that is approximately 500 metres from the proposed facility. This spur line could hold up to 5 railway cars of waste material. Has metro vancouver considered this alternative method of transporting the waste?
Why can't the facility use the railway to transport the waste from Vancouver instead of 25 trucks per day? There is a spur line at the end of Beach road that is approximately 500 metres from the proposed facility. This spur line could hold up to 5 railway cars of waste material. Has metro vancouver considered this alternative method of transporting the waste?
this slide dec from Ms Preston also please
This plant will no doubt negatively impact the value of nearby residences and possibly negatively impact businesses. How will Andion compensate property owners and businesses caused by this plant that we have had ZERO say in.
Please comment on the Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) emissions from the facility. This is a toxic gas and it is the 'rotten egg" smell. I understand the emissions will meet or exceed values within the localized area of the facility. What are the plans to mitigate this scenario when the project exceeds model prediction? What about mitigation now, prior to permitting.
What happends whenn there is another air test done by a 3rd party company and it comes back with different resluts then you were supplied?
How often are the studies required or reviewed? What are the processes if facilites are not following required steps?
Who qualifys the air permit and what qualifications do they have. Are they industrial hygenist?
And all this to employ just 15 people? I'd rather you put in a casino or some other tourist trap!
What power does Metro Vancouver board have over this plant when operational? Will the board be monitoring the emmissions from the plant daily and take responsibility for this plant? Will there be Metro Board oversight with ability to immediately shut down the facility for exceedances for discharges? This community could be decimated if anything goes wrong or doesn't operate as planned.
Is the government intending on completing their own independent environmental study or are they basing their decision on the one done by Tetra Tech?
Any health or safety issues arise, any municipality or provincial regulation cannot be applied as this project is on federal land. What recourse will we have?
HI i am joining on her behalf, as she is still travelling from ottawa back home. we have 3-5 questions to ask that the constituents brought to us, i realize we have 10 min so i'll be quick!
Tell me about the air quality monitors. Who will monitor the monitors? I’m just over the border and very aware we all share the same air and water. Whatcom County government doesn’t really have much air quality monitoring and no actual enforcement of regulations.
To clarify, the information provided at the beginning of the presentation stating the nation has already decided to move ahead, is not quite accurate? Kathy mentions there is still a process to review responses before making a decision to this project. Is that correct???
The decision maker should take input from the people that LIVE within 10km of the proposed facility
How and why was the proposed location of the facility chosen? It is an environmentally sensitive area, particularly its proximity to water ways. In adddition, it is adjacent to a major tourist area (White Rock beach) and an increasingly densley populated residential area (White Rock and South Surrey). I don’t object to the objectives of the project but, as a resident of White Rock, I am extremely concerned about the location.
Are questions and comments written here considered by Metro?
You mentioned you would consider comments in writing. Where do you want us to submit those concerns?
You mentioned you would consider comments in writing. Where do you want us to submit those concerns?
Andion has had years to prepare relevant information. The public deserves the same amount of time to gather our information.
This proposed project is also extremely close to the US border and the town of Blaine. What consultation has occurred or is planned with the US, including the State of Washington and the town of Blaine?
Who would consider the concerns that Kathy Preston cannot decide…eg, location, noise etc?
A question for Kathy Preston - What I think I hear you saying is that your hands are tied in this instance of using SFN land and that as the actual process is potentially flawed, and doesn't oblige an independent and thorough due diligence report on the actual competence of the applicant based on previous projects and their level of responsability in those projects?
So if Metro Vancouver cannot be in conflict of interest, but the waste that is being transported is their, is the outcome of the permitting not a conflict of interest
Why is the proposed project not planned for an industrial area rather than a tourist and densely populated residential area?
Who will be taking the 14 jobs this will bring? I am assuming no body apart of the SFN is qualifed for this.
Is this proposed project subject to a comprehensive federal environmental impact review process? If not, why not? If it is, what is the status of said review?
What is the entire cost of the project? Including infrastructure, permits, consulting, operational training, etc
Who did the Environmental Impact assessment? These are just words, where is the proof?
could those designated to answer questions please identify themselves and their role
How much $ income/returns from $ invested, including building $/all $ invested by SFN and government?
Could there be a land swap so facility on industrial land (benefits still to SFN) and keep this environmental rich land?
When 25 years is up and the facility reverts to SFN, will we still be using/ wanting to use natural gas or will SFN be left with a facility that needs to be deconstructed and the costs of the deconstruction?
When 25 years is up
Please make public, the environmental impact assessment.
The Canadian Border Service Office is located withing the NOx emission zone on your map. How are you going to keep the Peach Arch Border Service Officers safe from health related illness?
A question to Phillip Abrary - does this impact report include the "what if "scenario of problems caused by equipment failures, Tsunami, Seismic damage?
Who pays for the project costs and in what percentages?
Is there a possibiltiy (including under worse case scenarios) of odour from the plant extending to nearby residents, including those of White Rock and South Surrey?
Where can we find this detailed environmental impact report? We have only seen the Tetra Tech air quality modeling report.
But Andion said that the smell will be there in winter but the residents will have their windows closed anyways?
Who covers the risk of construction? Ie: Who pays for any cost over-runs?
Andion previous company went bankrupt-Please explain
so if Andion can sit here and say there will be no impact to residents can you give your word that if there is noxious smells/fumes and health hazards you will shutdown immediately? anything less is unacceptable and just empty words!
Is the Skogn ii plant one of these 50 plants? Why is the failure of the work done there been blamed for a profit warning for the company running this refinery?
Is the Skogn ii plant one of these 50 plants? Why is the failure of the work done there been blamed for a profit warning for the company running this refinery?
Where are these 50 facilities we can go visit?
Which parties share in the profits and loss on the project?
It appears that Fraser Health, Andion, and Tetra Tech does not take responsiblity for the validity of the data provided. Who is taking responsibility? I understand that Tetra Tech has been investigated for falsifying data.
Where are these facilities located? More specifically the food waste biogas plants. Please provide a list of these plants. Does Andion actually operate these plants or are they run by others? Are we able to confirm the proximity of residential neighbourhoods to these plants?
Why did Andion not collaborate with the community around the this projected plant rather than only communicating with the Semiahmoo Natiion and making an economical deal between the two groups?
Who covers the operational and performance risks? Ie: If the facility does not produce the revenue stream they predict, who makes up the shortfall?
Where do we go to view the environmental assessment that was completed?
What is the official Andion explanation for the bankruptcy of their previous company?
The question in Italy was not answered. they did not address the public’s issues at all.
How is this financially viable and profitable with the promised limit of “only” 20 trucks a day? Will the site grow over time? What guarantees are there to remain at the size? Since Surrey’s existing plant is only running at approx. 60% capacity, it would seem 20 trucks could easily be processed there????????
the Environmental Protection Notice shows 40 tons per year of emissions therefor when it rains does this not become "acid rain" and then settles on the land, on the Little Campbell River and the fish/
This is for Metro Vancouver: What are processes in place should the environment be impacted once the the plant is operational, and residents do get the odors and their health be impacted?
And the location in Delta stinks
What is the truck route that the vehicles will travel to and from the facility?
Who is responsible for cleanup of this site should there be an accident or failure? Is there a large bond held in place to ensure that any required cleanup is completed at the cost of the operators and stakeholders, not the taxpayers?
What percentage of organic food waste generated in the Surrey/white Rock, Langley area is expected to be delivered to this facility?
Are they considering Bald Eagles, there are a lot that call that area home, and we are talking about toxic gas being dispursed.
If this waste is coming from City of Vancouver why is this plant not being built in Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park?
At the beginning of 2023 a similar biogas plant was proposed for Burnaby but was ultimately rejected. The Public lobbied many concerns and complaints about the facility and the City axed the planned facility. These plants are not welcomed in Residential areas for good reason! The proposed plant on the SFN appears to be a complete circumvention of Public input, due to sovreign land rights of the SFN.
Is Metro Vancouver going to ignore the soverign land issue and address this plant and the concerns from the Public when considering granting the air quality permit?
What concessions have you given to the first nations community to have them approve this? How much $$$ are you giving them?
As Kathy has demonstrated a couple of times, some time things do not go as planned. What happens when things do not go as planned and all of these ‘projections’ are inaccurate? I’m trying to understand why SFN, Andion, and Metro Vancouver would open themselves up to such a liability. (Which guaranteed it will become.).
I don't think Philip, that we will be "convinced" as you suggested the FN were.
we understand that Metro Vancouver regulates the emissions from this plant. Over a recent 8 year period,our community has dealt with Metro Vancouver regarding toxic emissions from an industrial plant with hundreds of complaints and basically Metro Vancouver did nothing about this. How can our community expect anything different in this case?
I disagree with Phillip Abrary. Involving the community at the end, when decisions have been made, does not make sense.
Phillip, you mentioned the need to spend a year convincing the Semiahmoo First Nation to consider this project, how did Andion North America Ltd. do this? To what extent has the Semiahmoo First Nation been compensated, directly or indirectly, for this project to date? How will they be compensated moving forward?
Border Service Agents!!!!??
Who from Semiahmoo First Nations attended Andion’s delegation tour in Europe? Were any other local government representatives also invited? Were any financial incentives offered to attendees?
Have there been any independent studies done with residents living near any of your biogas plants to confirm they are not suffering any ill effects from increased pollution from said plants? And, if there has been a noticeable increase in cancer and mortality rates since the plants went into operation like what has happened in Brescia Italy?
The SFN state that they have undergone a very rigorous due diligence review of Andion in selecting them as their partner. Can you provide more detail on the process? Who else was given the opportunity to submit similar proposals and what was the criteria used in the selection process?
Investigation to find the origin of the odors near the Italian plant?
How about the Biofuel plant itself emanating those odors?
If the intent is to reduce GHG emissions, wouldn’t it make more sense to construct a facility like this near the current waste facilities of Surrey and the City of Vancouver landfill sites?
Stop using “complicated” as an “excuse”. You’ve got millions of people to convince.
What is the total cost of this Plant? just wondering how much of my tax dollars are going to this.
What is the total cost of this Plant? just wondering how much of my tax dollars are going to this.
Are the companies that did the environmental reviews the same companies that did them in Italy?
Are the companies that did the environmental reviews the same companies that did them in Italy?
With respect to the experts Phil is referring to, are these experts basing their information on specs Andion has given them and are they taking into account calculations when the plant exceeds its permit?
Phillip referenced water dispersion. By what method does this take place, in other words, where does this contaminated water end up?
Phillip Abrary just mentioned "Water discharge" - may I ask where this is going?
Phillip Abrary just mentioned "Water discharge" - may I ask where this is going?
Phillip Abrary just mentioned "Water discharge" - may I ask where this is going?
After its built does the province have any regulation and authority over the plant being its on federal land?
To the SFN, why was this project and organization selected as a means to drive economic and resource independence? Was the SFN approached by Andion? If so, can you elaborate on the activites in the initial stages of the engagement? How is the SFN ensuring that their invesment aligns with the best interest of its residents, surrounding residents, and also maximizes its return on investment (time and economic resources)? What alternatives were evaluated for land use?
What agency has been engaged to research the impacts on
Campbell River and the eco systems?
This question is for Harley Chappell. Since this plan has been in the works for 5 years, we have been told that there are additional plans in place for development on SFN lands. To be a good neighbour, can you please tell what other development plans are currently planned in conjunction with the Biofuel Waste Processing facility. Let’s have some open and transparent information about what future plans may be currently in progress?
"I believe he said into the sewer system." - I heard 2 different responses
So Andion builds the facility and wipes it's hands clean? that's how your answer sounds Daniele!
Who will own, and who will operate this proposed plant?
Who will own, and who will operate this proposed plant?
So clearly Andion doesn’t care once it’s been built they no longer have any interest in the impact of the facility!
Phillip earlier mentioned that toxins are not released onto the land, however, we all know that what ever is released into the air eventually comes down. We have to assume that those who reside in proximity to the proposed build will be most directly affected. This is primarily a residential and recreational area with many iconic natural areas that are extremely environmentall sensitive. This is my primary concern and it is my position that this facility does not belong in this area for these reasons.
Phillip, as the president and CEO of both Andion and Ostara, the known association and close relationship of Andion and Ostara, a company to derives fertilizer from waste water and sewage treatment is concerning. Should we not expect a sewage treatment plant to be in the future of Semiahmoo lands as well once a bio fuel facility is built? Can you commit on record, that there are no plans for Ostara’s involvement in a future sewage and water treatment facility in conjunction to this project?
Is there a reduction in the regulatory requirements because this project will be built on Indigenous land?
If there is heavy border traffic will these trucks be re routed down 160th directly into residential zones? Will the SFN build a car bridge over the Little Campbell at the foot of 160th.
Shouldn’t Andion put up a 10+ billion dollar bond to rectify any future issues?
Can we obtain copies of these impact reports?
has Andion, SFN, ISC or Natural Resources Canada informed our US neighbors of this project? If so, who did they inform,how were they informed and when were they informed? What response was received? Was the EPA in Washington state notified?
To clarify, after the plant is built Andion then is no longer involved in anyway with the facility? Who will then be running the facility?
There are several instances of Bio Fuel explosions, the latest was in Marengo, Iowa, on Dec 8th, 2022. Several others are recorded. Has anyone considered the possibility of such a disaster?
Why would you put an office building in the middle of Playland?!
Excellent comments from Keith (Cynthia Adams).
…Has a full archeological assessment been done on the proposed building site on the Semiahmoo Land? If so, where can we find a copy of the report? I ask this question because ( according to Peace Arch News) 8 years ago Chief Harley Chappell served former Mayor Wayne Baldwin with a cease and desist order at the ground breaking for the Memorial Park on White Rock’s waterfront. He called the city’s process a “blatent disregard to their community and their neighbours.” He said that he had huge concerns regarding the importance of the land as archeological site.
Highway 17 next to the garbage dump and industrial area?
what about blaine? if they have issues how will that be resolved?
During this whole process of discussion and negotiation with the Semiahmoo People and in the spirit of reconciliation has Metro Vancouver, Surrey and White Rock and Andian considered Giving the First Nations people land at the dump to build and operate the facility, give them all the revenue and Pay them to Not build on their land but keep it as an environmentaly sensitive area. Then build housing, infrastructure, clean energy such as solar, wind. Tourism and a Community healing centre. This industry relocation can benifit the First Nations but not destroy their potential future on their land.
Phil - you just said that it is at this location because it is close to a highway. Put it on the Vancouver landfill - much closer to the source of the garbage.
You mentioned this location because it’s near a highway. But Phillip is forgetting there is also a community very close to the facility. If you want to be near a highway, there are several locations to choose from that will not impact nature or people.
Because its already polluted by heavy traffic its okay to add more? What kind of logic is that?
With the cocktail of emissions expected to the released into the air over the plant will we be seeing acid rain when it rains from October to May of the year?
You’re assuming your filtration system is so amazing. What is the efficiency of it? 99.99999%?
Does it being enclosed 100% stop gases?
There are many other suitable locations zoned light industrial, away from residential areas, in Langley, Surrey and Delta that are immediately adjacent to major arteries and highways. What other locations were considered?
Why other factors were considered in location selection?
Vancouver landfill site is along the highway as well - why not locate there
SFN’s own by-laws (#3) prohibit noxious uses of the land. How does this law allow for the building of this facility - clauses 16 and 32a refer?
this is a tsunami warning area...do yu think this is a good idea?
A specific question requiring a specific answer please. How many gas refineries of this precise type producing Biogas for injection into the fossil gas network has Andion Global Inc actually built?
What quantity of water will you use?
The facts of the matter are that you are going to poison us.
So far, there has been a lack of community consultation and transparency. We are hoping that going forward, before this project is approved, the community is provided a fair opportunity to have our concerns heard.
Shut it down. Stop giving money to Andion to make shitty factories that increase pollution in neighborhoods.
They are not based on realtiy!
I live in the corner of 8th and King George. Can you garantie that if it affects people life and health you will shut this facility down?
The Tetra Tech report was based on information provided by Andion not verified third party,
How can a company that has only existed for 4 years claim the credit for refineries built over 10 years ago?
What happens if SFN doesn't operate it correctly? Will Metro Vancouver be able to find them, stop them and close them.
Who monitors and ensures the safe and efficient operation of the plant, by the owner?
There are so many non-answers here. Phillip, you keep commenting on sticking to the facts, but some point blank questions are being asked and you are answering "well they are still operating". That does not answer the question about actual vs model
I would agree to a location 45 min drive away from a city too!
Why drive additional 20 minutes past the metro Vancouver landfill which is located at highway 99 and highway 17????
I hear people being told to be respectful and polite during this meeting, and they are Unfortunately though we are only hearing canned and evasive responses to most of the questions. There is nothing new here tonight. I hope you’re hearing that residents are angry that this facility is being plannned on our peninsula. We my be respctful and polite but we’re angry that this has quietly been pushed through for the last five years without any consultation with residents on the Semiahmoo Peneinsula.
That dispersian model odor map reflects a stop right at the 24/7 Border it curves around Douglas Port -how can you expect anyone to believe that is factual?
Could you not just pick a better location so you wouldnt need as much rigorous modelling? You also would not have so much push back from the community…
Kathy… would you live right beside this facillity?
The parties in this project, including the government, Andion and Semiahmoo Chief have moved forward on an economic benefit first, which has been mentioned several times by the parties.
We want to see all communities move forward and prosper. However, not at the cost of putting profit before communities.
I am goiing to just get down to raw basics....this plant will turn my commuity into a stigmatized property. I have worked all my life to get to a point where I have a good property legacy to leave my family....thanks t o this, it will all go away.
Is it true that Andion’s consulting firm “Tetra Tech” has a history of fraudulent practices in mutiple juridictions?
What other locations were considered for this facility? This site is extremely environmentally sensitive, local economies are dependent on environmental tourism, Semiahmoo Bay environment is critical to salmon, oyster, crab and birds along with other wildlife. Any kind of catastriphic failure and emissions would be highly impactful in this location versus a location in an established industrial or farming area.
Kathy Preston - is the modelling based on the data profile supplied by Andion? Has anyone, or will anyone check the accuracy of the data supplied? What is to prevent this data being falsified?
Another question for metro van : how many biofuel plants exist in vancouver in residential areas with less than a displacement (not distance) of 2 km?
Does Andion and/or metro Vancouver and/or The Semiahmoo Nation have lawyers consulting on discussions/ responses in this zoom meeting in real time?
This question is for Kathy. Since this proposed plant is near the ocean that is subject to more wind than a plant inland would be subject to. Is the plant that Tetra Tech based their data on located in a similar location as the proposed plant? If it is not, how could the air model be accurate?
Would that be a stipulation to the permit approval?
So Kathy - you have never actually visited the site?
What happens if the SFN decides that they will not allow any future inspections of the plant, as it is on their sovreign land?
Adion : what are the plans for protecting the cross border commuters from the emissions since Peace arch border is less than 0.5 km away?
These may get answered but studies have shown an increased incidence of respiratory illness and emergency room visits for people living within 10 K of these facilities. Peach Arch Hospital is within 3.5 K as are many schools, seniors, children, and with respect to Phil, this is a community and a residential area. Can you explain how when science indicates this, that would not happen here?
Why not use the already operational biofuel plant in Surrey which is under utilized
Do you live there chief? I'd still rather you build a casino!
Is NOx...Nitrogen diOxide? Poisonous, highly reactive gasses? With and the other chemicals? How can you guarentee the health of the residents? Have their been any long-term studies of the health effect for residents? Especially children. How might the chemicals have neurological effects? (Harvard study Oct 19, 2020 , significant link found between air pollution and neurological disorders).
If there are no emissions or odour to be worried about, why would we ever have to close our windows
Andion keeps saying that it’s not being built in a residential area, but there are people who live on the reserve next to the plant. It is a residential area.
We have had lots of questions asked about why this neighbourhood? Why so close to homes. It was quoted that the homes are 1km away. Can you please address two things, 1) what about the homes on the reserve? 2) What about the home that backs on the golf course that faces the highway? These are not 1 km away.
Kathy, you mentioned that it's assumed Metro Vancouver will be the Air Quality Regulator and Harley, you used the language 'as we speak' in reference to Metro Vancouver. Is there a possibility that Metro Vancouver is removed as Air Quality Regulator during of after the permitting process? Has there been discussion related to the jurisdiction of an Air Quality Regulator?
What services would a solar farm need that would be more than this toxic waste processing refinery?
my home is a short distance from the proposed location and the ocean the plant will be between my home and the proposed location. Most days I can smell the ocean from my home. That tells me, report aside, that most days these air emissions will come to my home. I have asthma and atrial fibrillation. Can you promise me I will not be negatively impacted by this plant
Question for Harley Chappell: How much monetary benefit will your nation benefit from this project?
Chief, you want to be autonomous, yet you state that you’re limited in services delivered by local Municipalities to the SFN land! Make up your mind!
We are frequently on water restrictions here, will the plant also be on water restrictions when that occurs. Last summer we were on water restrictions for 5 or 6 months. Will the plant shut down?
What negative impact would a solar facility have on this site that would exceed the negative impact of this proposal?
How many people live on the reserve?
there are developers that partner with First Nations
For clarity, this article published by Metro Vancouver explains where Metro Vancouver waste is sent. https://metrovancouver.org/school-programs/Documents/k-12-system-overview-solid-waste.pdf
As you can see, it is contained to recycling, waste to energy and the landfill in the area. Please provide data to:
(i) Explain the waste issue reference; and
(ii) Support the claims that this facility will address said waste issue.
So we need to notify the residents ourselves!
What kind of energy will ne used to power the plant?
What other developments have the SFN tried to put on that particular piece of land ?
Will the employees that you plan to hire, be indigenous? Who will be responsible for hiring staff with the right technical skills?
what happens to all the written and spoken questions that don't get answered
The explosion in the USA was a result of the belt breaking down that was transporting the compost. That resulted in a build up of gas, which caused a massive explosion.
How many of these 14 employees are anticipated to be members of Semiahmoo First Nation? What is the financial benefit to SFN in siting this plant on SFN land? Who will be the operator of this plant and has this operator been selected? Will SFN be responsible for all costs regarding emergencies? Is this cost paid by SFN through revenues from this plant or are local taxpayers responsible for this cost?
I served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Has anyone in the Canadian Armed Forces been consulted with the construction of a FUEL facilty so close 1 block from our Border?
Chief Chappell, your points around not being able to get servicing from the municipality to entertain other options on your land, is very impactful. I will just put it out there, that this community, that has come together to voice our objection, I suspect would be highly motivated to help you, if desired, to advocate for your nation’s needs with the municipality to pursue other economic options on your land.
What about TRS (total reduced sulfur) monitoring? Most odourous facilities in BC have such monitors nearby - would that be a condition of the permit?
We understand Andion is only upholding this project for 20 years. Who will be liable after 20 years? How will the process look like through Metro Vancouver?
Permittee self-reporting is widely recognized as a loophole in air permitting - how could we trust the facility to report their emissions honestly and accurately, especially if they know there are potential fines for non-compliance?
How many permits have Metro Vancouver given roughly to this size of a project on First Nation Lands in the past? If there are any how many have been followed up on over the years to guarantee they are complying to the permit?
Fraser Health used the Tetra Tech report for their analysis, they didn't do anything independent. In response to the comment that KC made at 8:07 about Fraser Healths involvement
may I be allowed to speak
This is for Andion, can you speak to the plant you previously attempted to build in the lower mainland but that was not completed.
And the truck diesel emissions... we know that even the newer trucks still pollute a lot (the particulate filters emit 1000 times the normal soot levels during regenerations), so how would that be addressed? The stories of truck pollution from, say, Clark Drive are horrifying...
I just raised my hand
How many people attended today’s meeting?
But there are no odour monitoring stations within a good distance of the facility - how could they corroborate the claims without monitoring data?
Will the posted questions be answered after the meeting and will the Q&A’s be shared with the attendees?
If it is already difficult to monitor a place that is on Agricultural land then how difficult will it be to monitor one on First Nations land?
And would Andion be required to install H₂S monitoring stations nearby to ensure compliance?
Could you please provide us with detailed explaination of how the toxic chemicals will be treated in the sewage? Could you please give us documents to help us understand the process?
Are compost trucks coming from neighbourhoods going to be accessing this plant? If so, they would not be coming in during the night, as well, the number of trucks initially indicated will be tremendously higher. If not, then the waste will be trucked to a central site, and then trucked to this site?
If I understand what I am hearing here tonight, Andion builds to sell not to operate. With the sale of a facility such as this, what obligations to observe permitting commitments and obligations and adhere to regulations. What ongoing liability does Andion have if any after sale and what obligation does SFH have after sale if anything occurs
I am sickened too!!!!
Shouldn't the mobile sources (trucks) be included in the permit too to the maximum extent practicable?
Who would consider the concerns that Kathy Preston cannot consider?…eg, location, environment, noise etc? Who else has to provide approval for this project to move forward or is Kathy’s decision the only obstacle left?
Should the Andion build go ahead this effectively renders the site industrial. Logically, this invites expansion.
Has there been a study done on the impact of property values around and near the plant?
Andion, it appears that most of your sites have been built and sold. Is that the plan here as well?
Andion, it appears that most of your sites have been built and sold. Is that the plan here as well?
What are the hours of operations for this facility?
What is the efficiency of this building? Sounds like lots of energy being used? Is this another greenwashing attempt?
I am confused as to how Andion can comment about the timeframe in processing of the waste that is recieved (the same day/maximum 2 days) when Andion will not be responsible/the operator after they have built the plant...? I guess they are recommending this, but who would ensure this?
How do you validate if the incoming waste is contaminated. As such, how do you validate it the Sludge is contaminated? Has a discharge permit been acquired from Environment Canada?
What is going to happen to all the unanswered questions
Phil - Your answer contradicts the information from the SEC - can you explain that?
Phil - Your answer contradicts the information from the SEC - can you explain that?
When can we expect the permit boards decision?
Thank you to Andion, SFN, and Metro Vancouver for the time and consideration in answering questions this evening.
Harvest Power was more than just a composting facility, it was a the largest commercial waste scale anaerobtic digester, they operated way over their air limits from 2016 to 2018, how can we be assured that Andion will operate within their limits
I would like Kathy to tell us how many odour complaints the Ladner plant or other local plant have had and do they continue to come in. Do they just pay the fines as a cost of doing business?
Will the plant expand in the future?
Will Andion and SFN acknowledge the science and admit that there is no safe level of air pollution?
Daniel Chiodini still not answered the question how it is possible smelling ocean from our house and not smelling plant located between ocean and the house?
Great questions, Sheila!
What is the timescale for SFN to be majority owners of this facility?
In a previous interview Chief Chappell mentioned the trucks woulld only be running during the night. Yet Andion mentioned the facility would be working 24 hours. So will the trucks be running 24 hours or not?
May I be allowed to speak?
How many participants are on this meeting right now? Thank you
Why here and not an industrial site. Still don’t have a clear answer on this.
Great questions citizens!! i’m very impressed with each caller. Absolutley appalled by the answers to these very thoughtful questions. I’m am walking away with more questions and concerns than before this meeting.
Thank you for your answers and the privilege to ask my question.
Much different from what you’re representing, why does the biogas industry recommend these plants should be on unusable land or brownland?
What happens to the plastic waste that is not compostable? I believe there are always some contaminants that need to be sorted out.

A: Plastics are separated from the waste and disposed of accordingly.

So a Specific question to answer please: As the air modelling is done on the basis of the samples supplied by Andion themselves to Tetra-Tech, how do we verify the accuracy of that sampling?
What is the traffic flow plan to bring trucks in and out of facility? What stage is this plan with BC highways? Will the trucks idle in the 4 hour border lineups throughout the Summer? Or will BC highways build another traffic lane/highway for the trucks only? If that is being done, will the 8th Ave overpass need to be expanded? How will the trucks exit the facility and access hwy 99 northbound?

A: BC Highwways are not involved as the amount of traffic at off-peak hours is not going to make a significant impact.

If safe from tsunami threat then why do the warning sirens get tested at SFN every week. Why are these warning sirens in place if there is no threat? Whay are there Tsunami evacuation route signs in place? This site is in Province of BC Tsunami warning zone E.
What type of energy will be used to run this plant, ie Electrical, Solar, Fossil fuel?
I asked to speak 4 times. May I speak?
How many hectares of trees will be cut down to make way for this plant? Displaced wildlife.

A: The space allocated for the facility was cleared several years ago, and so very few trees will be impacted. A timber permit will be obtained for any additional trees that need to be removed. Environmental Impact Assessments are being done to ensure wildlife will not be jeopardized.

Phil fluffs off questions.
I heard the answer regarding giving Tetra Tech the benefit of the doubt, but still don't understand why give Tetra Tech the benefit of the doubt when our lives are in the offing. Choosing a company with a steller reputation would have made more sense. Please provide more information about the choice and why we should accept Tetra Tech support which is the "lynch pin" of this whole thing
How can they say that all the written questions have been answered during the question period when clearly the majority have not!!! I thought they were going to address ones with the most votes and they were not.
Please ask them what type of energy will be used to operate the plant and how will that energy be delivered? thank you
In the follow up to today, can you articulate what the anticipated gross and net income will be on an annual basis for this plant? If Phillip is correct, and any grants/funds rec'd by SFN/Andion need to repaid, what are the terms for repayment?
Can the moderator please move us along...
If we are to understand this information tonight, Andion will take their money, sell the plant, and walk away….so who precisely is going to ensure this facility is environmentally and safety compliant? Who is actually going to be the company who is the responsible and legal operator?

A: This facility is jointly owned by Semiahmoo First Nation and Andion.

Love …he is not allowing the bullying.
I believe that the reason this location was chosen, despite being located in a residential area, is to simply financially benefit the semiahmoo nation. True?
I thought this was about air quality.I also understood that all were to be respectfull. I am disappointed that we are ending on this caller.
Phil also mentioned that Andion have existed since 2017 - which is referring to Andion North America Inc. - Andion Global Inc was incorporated in 2019, and there are a number of other companies called Andion around the world, what actual involvement does Phil have with all these different companies? What is the legal relationship between these companies? What is the purpose of all these different limited liability companies?
Thank you to the moderator and presenters tonight.
Thank you al.
Thank you Andion and SFN my questions have been answered through others during the call.
How can we increase the dialogue with Chief Chappell and the SFN to ally with them. I am very disturbed with the things he shared
The 1 OU criterion at the 99.5th percentile metric is predicted to be exceeded most of the time at Hills at Portal Golf Club course and clubhouse, Peace Arch Duty Free, Peace Arch Provincial Park, and the Peace Arch Border crossing on the Canadian side. The maximum predicted odour concentration at any residence is slightly above 1 OU (1.1 OU) at residences in Douglas nearest to the Peace Arch Border Crossing at the 99.5th percentile metric.
Up to nine occurrences per month, on average, of 5 OU are predicted to occur at portions of the Hills at Portal Golf Club course (adjacent the proposed Facility) and 13 occurrences per month are predicted to occur at the parking lot of the Peace Arch Duty Free store
Up to six occurrences per month at 10 OU are predicted to occur at the westernmost portion of the Hills at Portal Golf Club course immediately adjacent Highway 99 and the proposed Facility.
There are potential exceedances of odour-based criteria for some VOCs, notably primary alcohol ethanol and primary e
Thank you to all parties involved.
Has any report been done on how this plant entry will affect the current border lineups?

A: Scheduling of trucks will be done at off-peak hours to ensure highway traffic is not an issue.

To this point, all questions and comments have been captured.
Does Andion have a back up location in mind should they not get their permits

A: No other sites are being considered.

What is the reporting requirement based on the air quality permit. If there are any issues will this be published on the Metro Vancouver website.
Where is the biofuel gas being injected into the pipeline?
From the site.
Have any reports been done on the noise pollution that will be coming from the truck lineups and Biofuel plant itself to the environment and surrounding area?
I would be very interested to know what other proposals SFN previewed and why community input from neighbours wasn’t sought? Early and direct communication makes good neighbours… this project would not have nearly as much distrust and kick-back had some communication been initiated 5 years ago…. would projects such as educational facilities be considered? Health care for First Nations, such as Indigenous -based teaching facility for medical personnel, indigenous arts centres, interpretive and historical facilities? SFU promised to build university facilities in South Surrey…. if SFN has the land,could these types of projects be considered? I can guarantee the community would be much more aligned with these ideas…. how can we help you SFN?
Will the biofuel be stored in tanks at the plant? What are the Biofuel Plant hours of operation and also for trucks coming in and taking biofuel out.

A: Biofuel will be injected directly into the existing FortisBC grid, not stored onsite.

How many employees will be working at the plant at any given hour? For a plant this size, and for safety reasons it sounds like more that 14 employees will be required?

A: There is remote monitoring of the facilities 24/7. Hundreds of these facilities exist in Europe already and so there is significant data to inform our staffing needs. We are confident that this will suffice.

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